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Fashion Icon Iman Is Sexy And Sixty

Fashion Icon Iman is 60!  July 25th was her b-day and she is officially the baddest woman on the planet, the slayage is unreal!  Check out some highlights from her Vanity Fair Italia Interview:


“I go to the gym, I am attentive to the diet. And I’m not complaining of the extra pounds, at least a couple, because they act as a natural botox. When women get older the first place you see it is the face that becomes too thin, worn out, tired. And then they go to get botox, but for me the best remedy is a bit ‘overweight’.”

Wow, Iman is the truth! *Puts down ice cream and grabs gym bag!


“I no longer have a duty to pleasure as when I was young. And so I can dare more, much more, because I know I’ve earned that right. Because I know it does not matter if someone does not like what I say or do.”