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Ciara For President In Fierce Photoshoot

Ciara is running for president of fierceness!

In her interview with Noisey, Cici talks about her love  for Janet, performing, not liking  !$@#boys and evolution.

Check out the highlights:

Well, I’d vote for you. So, first off, please tell me everything about the Janet Jackson tribute video you were involved with, in intricate detail.

Oh, it was so fun. Everything about it was surreal, up until the point of being on stage like “this really happening?” Y’know, I just have so much respect for her. She truly is, to me, the best to ever do it when it comes to entertainment. I really wanted to make sure that I did the best that I could do, and honour her. It took tonnes of rehearsals, and I was also in for my video rehearsals as well as her rehearsals so it was just non stop. When I finally got to the stage, I was like “this is happening. It’s about to go down.” It was super exciting.



Let’s talk about love. You have a lot of songs in your back catalogue that promote zero-tolerance on f#!kboys. What have you learned about men over the course of your career?
I think that the one thing that’s important for a man when it comes to love is just timing. And that’s true for men and women. When it comes to love, females… we’re more likely to be more sensitive and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable. Guys, they’re used to being a little more fearful when it comes to love. I think when they decide to open up to love it’s really about timing, and what’s going on in their lives and when they want to. You can’t force anybody to love, they have to want to do that themselves. I think men are very simple. We are way more complicated beings, as females.

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It’s interesting that you would bring up how focused you are on growth. I was thinking about how bold it is that you would call your second album The Evolution. How would you say you’ve evolved between the two records?
I think the biggest difference is that with the first album I was fresh out of high school, and the second album I was turning 21, which is when you start to enter the early stages of young womanhood. Fast forward to now, I’m fully into womanhood. I’m doing big girl things! The transition from album one to two, y’know turning 21, is a huge deal in a sense. It’s one of those special years in our lives. It’s a milestone.

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