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Ciara- Jackie Album Review



So Ciara’s new album is out on iTunes and I listen to album in its entirety, the verdict…. Ciara is officially on her Grown A$$ Woman.

She ain’t worried about nothing or nobody. And more to the point, she is letting her suitors know what it is, and what she wants from the very beginning, which seems to be a theme with this album.

First off BMF, I think you know what that stands for. But what makes her declaration so imperative for Cici is this line ….”I just gave birth to a 9lb 10 ounce baby, Imma a Bad M*tha F*cker”. 

With all the crap she went through with the rapper who allegedly cheated on her, and didn’t treat her with respect, she found the confidence she to say, hey I’m holding my head high, I’m a woman, a mother, a business woman and you “Mr. my name is affiliated with a movie that starred Michael J. Fox”, is not gonna stop me, or tear me down. Period.

So it’s fitting that she names her album after her own mother, Jackie.  Because now Ciara is her own woman, comfortable being herself, confident in who she is and it shows.

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