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Gwen Stefani & Ciara Are The New Faces For Revlon #LoveIsOn

Revlon just announced Gwen Stefani as the global beauty ambassador, and we couldn’t be happier. She’s the ultimate trend and beauty influencer. She recently sat down with WWD to talk about her love of makeup and past life as a makeup artist in a mall.




“Ever since I was a young girl, I have used makeup as a form of self-expression … I am passionate about makeup and how it can showcase your individuality and creativity. Partnering with an iconic beauty brand such as Revlon felt like a natural fit. I am so excited to continue sharing my love of makeup as a Revlon.”

“I was a makeup artist when I was in my early twenties at the mall, they never trained me,” Stefani told WWD. “I worked behind the counter there for Borghese, which nobody bought because it was expensive, and Ultima II, which I think is actually owned by Revlon…

I’d be like, ‘Let me put some makeup on you, let me show you what you could look like.’ I just remember making people feel so much joy and so inspired and so full of confidence, and that’s what makeup can do.”

“Gwen will clearly appeal to makeup enthusiasts,” Benjamin Karsch, Revlon’s chief marketing officer, told WWD. “She’s known far and wide for her red lips, so that’s definitely part of the attractiveness as a brand ambassador for Revlon, but that’s really combined with who she is as a person and also her love story.”

2016 was a dream year for Ciara who recently got  married, landed a modeling contract with IMG.  And her ultimate dream of being the spokeswoman for Revlon came true.

photo credit: Ciara’s twitter

The singer revealed to People magazine back in Oct she’s had a connection to the brand since before her birth.

“My mom was trying to figure out my name when my dad bought her a fragrance called Ciara by Revlon. That’s where my name came from! Ever since I understood that, my mind has been on it,

As Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassador, she will appear in color cosmetics ads, and is the face of the “Choose Love” campaign, part of the brand’s larger Love Is On platform,  launched in 2014 and focuses on celebrating love and all of its positive aspects and possibilities.