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J Cole Bally Collaboration – Wearing Hip Hop History


J Cole in my opinion and  I think in many others is having a pivotal year. The release of his highly anticipated album  “2014 Forest Hill Drive”  just last year was a moment in hip hop that showed his unwavering growth and direction as an artist determined to mark his path and not follow what others deemed trendy.


His collaboration with Bally this summer presents not only his eclectic style but shows how he is the bridge between classic and today’s fashion influence by paying homage to hip hop greats who’ve worn them i.e. Doug E. Fresh and  Slick Rick.


He’s an artist who’s blazed trails and innovated, but he always remains rooted to a deep sense of history..- Bally

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J Cole and Bally have celebrated their collaboration with a short film following the rapper as he journeys through Jamaica.