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MDM Flow Letting The Beauty Industry Know Who’s #Boss

“Lipstick shades that are bold and unusual, in a word, street style. Her brand is called MDMFlow and inspiration unusual, Hip Hop” – Vogue Italia.

Photographed by Jendella

Photographed by Jendella

Florence Adepoju was 17 years old, working at a Benefit make-up counter, nice brand, a little foo foo but she’s doing her  thing.

Until she realized, disappointed that the new make-up releases   from the company didn’t match darker skin tones.











Fast forward…  she spends four years earning an applied chemistry degree in cosmetics. Then #lightbulb moment, she goes on to create lipstick colors in her house inspired by her love of hip-hop, both its sound and aesthetics. The packaging, flashy like the rappers she admires, the color gold,  like the flyest gold chain you’d see on Slick Rick or LL.



She is an inspiration and a example of believing in your passion and going after work.



MDM Flow actually stands for Madam Flow, a representation of Fashion, Art, Beauty , Music and Science and I think it embodies Florence in the best way.  She is #Doin The Most.