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Rodarte Superga Sneaker Collaboration-Yesssss….My Summer Sneaker Is Here

So chic… I like them….. I like them alot! 

Italian luxe sneaker brand Superga is getting all types of fancy this spring  with the launch of Rodarte x Superga, the debut collaboration with high-end  ready-to-wear label.

Favorite sister designing duo,  founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy takes the classic look of Superga and conceptualizes a fresh look  by mixing novelty materials like denim with a net overlay, contrasting tongues in snake prints and embossed leather with net to create a style that’s cool, edgy, with a laid back California vibe that Rodarte is known for.

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“We are inspired by Superga’s iconic look and by taking that recognizable message and putting it in new context — one that conceptually explored innovative and interesting textures and fabrications,” said the design duo. “We built a world inspired by netting stamped leathers and surfaces. This allowed for us to keep the meaning of the Superga classic line, and yet, bring our point of view to the design.”

rodarte demin net overlay sneaker