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The Best Mascaras To Try Now!

These are the best mascaras of “All Time”.  -Kayne Moment

Now, this is completely subjective, because I know you lovely Mashonistas have a mascara you’d literately hurt someone over. Why? Because it pulls your look together quickly. Instant glam. Check. Opens your eyes, and frames those lovely lashes.  Check. So when you find the mascara you love, you wanna stick with it. I understand. But, I am here to tell you, there are choices,  these are it. 

Now the winner of Mashono’s Mascara of 2015 goes to….(I know I get excited….don’t judge me)L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara-I can’t say enough about this mascara, it makes my lashes look full and elongated, I’ve had women come up to me and ask if my lashes were fake! It works that good. I love it.