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Zendaya Schools Guliana Rancic and America Regarding Offensive Hair Comment

Guliana Rancic of E!’s Fashion Police took it upon herself to attempt to be funny and crack a joke at Zendaya Coleman who wore locs at the Academy Awards this past Sunday.

If anyone is a fan of Zendaya, or follows her through social media knows she changes her look a lot, from her clothing to her hairstyles, she never keep the same look for too long.

While I personally thought it was very cool of Zendaya to have a different look on the red carpet, and not the typical slicked back, pinned up, tousled hair that we’re used to seeing, Guilana described Zendaya as looking like she smelled of  “patchouli oil and weed”, all while wearing  a stunning Vivienne Westwood gown.


Zendaya did not take the comment lightly and responded to Guliana on her instagram page which you can read here .

Guliana Rancic has since apologized for her ignorance on social media  and publicly to Zendaya on  E!’s Fashion Police  by which Zendaya graciously accepted her apology and refer to it as a “learning experience”, while also defending her  I feel like this incident has unveiled a type of racism that is cavalier in its nature,  its been prevalent for a while and directed towards black women everyday when it comes to their personal appearance.

It can be a conscious and deliberate thought for many black women in various environments of work or school as to how their hair is perceived.  I’ve dealt with it myself.  The question is why? And should it matter? Why should women of color, and their hair cause  that much judgement and scrutiny?

Can we just live? 

I applauded Zendaya for standing up and speaking about an issue that is frustrating for women of color celebrity or not.